Friday, March 26, 2010

6 hours later...

We received a call yesterday that Cohen was on his way to the emergency room. We think he fell and hit his head at school. There is conflicting information about him turning blue, loosing conciseness, etc, etc, etc. But when we got to the ER the Dr. decided to run all kinds of tests to make sure everything was okay, and baby boy is fine! He was such a trooper. They were going to use this horrible thing to restrain him for the CT scan, but he ended up laying there all by himself and doing better than adults do! He got a stuffed dog and purple popsicle out of it. This pic is right after we got home, what an exhausting but wonderful end to this day


  1. Oh gosh I'm glad that little CoCo is ok!!!

  2. Poor baby! I know how scary that is, we have been to the emergency room a few times with Chase. Glad he is ok!