Thursday, April 30, 2015

Snow Days for Days

We had the best snow days this year!  The kids missed so much school and we absolutely loved it!
 Michael attached the sled to his bike and savvy just relaxed and enjoyed the ride

 Indie loved the snow like crazy.  She acted like an arctic fox, it was hilarious!
                               This was her about to jump OVER Caleb

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Faces of Norah

Norah loves, I mean L.O.V.E.S. to get my phone and take pictures of herself… and the floor… and the ceiling… and her foot.  I probably delete 20 pictures a week off my phone of pictures Norah has taken. But the pictures that make her the happiest are the ones were we make faces together.  If I'm in desperate need of some cuddle time I can say "Norah come take pictures with me"  and with out fail she will come nuzzle in my lap and wait for me to tell her what face to make

This is angry face
                                                          This is sad face
                               This one doesn't have a name but I will call it precious
                                                      Heres angry again
and her favorite… mouth

Monday, April 27, 2015

Sweet Heart Dance

The kids school had a sweet heart dance this February and Savvy took Michael and Cohen took me.  I LOVED everything about it!  We all got dressed up in our best, the school fed us dinner, then we all went to the gym to dance.  Savvy was precious dancing with her friends and Cohen sat by my side and was not interested in dancing at all, he even had 2 people ask him to dance but he was feeling shy that night :)

They played "all of me" for the last dance of the night and I got Cohen to dance with me and he was absolutely precious.  He held my hand and stared in my eyes and was singing the song.  He makes my heart go to complete mush.
       We had a blast!  Michael and I loved having a night just with our big big kids

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Valentines Day

I got to spend Valentines day with my love bugs :)  They stayed the night with Mom and MA that Friday (Michael and I went out!  Whoo Whoo)  and when we picked them up Saturday… Caleb had thrown up… I'm insanely over the stomach bugs.
They had goodies from all the grandparents and us :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Lion King

 For Christmas mom got all of us tickets to the Lion King.  I was so excited and the kids had no idea what they were in for!

 All the kids were on the aisle seat and flipped out (in a good way) when the animals came down the aisle during the opening scene.
 Does Cohen look sick yet? About a hour after the show started he got so sick and then passed it on to the rest of us… He was able to finish the show and loved it.  Everyone loved it.  Caleb sat in moms lap and she said he didn't move.  
                     Thank you so much C.J.!  Best Christmas present ever!!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2015


We celebrated Dado's 60th birthday!
                                               She knows how cute she is :)
The kids put together their Christmas money and got an electric car.  They have loved it

Caleb is the best napper in history.  He doesn't have to take naps anymore but most days we will watch cartoons when I lay Norah down and then we both drift off.  I will wake up 20 minutes later and I will wake Caleb up 3-4 hours later!!
 We've been doing more house projects and I repainted our fireplace.  I loved how it turned out but painting brick is for the birds
When I lay out clothes for the boys 5 out of 10 times Cohen will put on Calebs outfit and has NO idea until I tell him
                               Future fashion mom in the making
                                              My artist

Michael has turned me into a hotwing lover, the bones still gross me out a little ;)