Saturday, April 11, 2015


We celebrated Dado's 60th birthday!
                                               She knows how cute she is :)
The kids put together their Christmas money and got an electric car.  They have loved it

Caleb is the best napper in history.  He doesn't have to take naps anymore but most days we will watch cartoons when I lay Norah down and then we both drift off.  I will wake up 20 minutes later and I will wake Caleb up 3-4 hours later!!
 We've been doing more house projects and I repainted our fireplace.  I loved how it turned out but painting brick is for the birds
When I lay out clothes for the boys 5 out of 10 times Cohen will put on Calebs outfit and has NO idea until I tell him
                               Future fashion mom in the making
                                              My artist

Michael has turned me into a hotwing lover, the bones still gross me out a little ;)

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