Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Savannah Rose is 9!

Savannah came up on her own that she wanted a Cupcake War party.  So we got little aprons for everyone to decorate and then they decorated their own cupcakes.  It was so much fun and Savannah was just amazing and precious when she was opening her presents.  She loved it all and was so grateful, she is one amazing little girl.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

This and That

Savvy and I stayed up to see the "star of Bethlehem"
                        We had a ridiculous bubble bath.  I ended up taking Norah out because the bubbles got over her head when she was standing up :)
 My caleb was jumping on the bed doing "cannon balls" and on one jump he landed head first on our footboard and got a huge goose egg, it scared me to death
 Then the next day him and Cohen were running and he tripped and went head first into the piano and got a small gash that bled big and again Caleb scared me to death.  I have pictures of both injuries because in emergencies my first thing to do is still... call mom
 We had family come over for July 4th and Michael and my dad made a DELICIOUS fish fry
           Norah's eating pickled okra… they will eat things that I wouldn't even look at when I was young

   We had a Friday night in and watched home movies…. be still my heart!  Watching home videos is hands down one of my favorite things