Wednesday, April 25, 2012


It's been the little things today that have made us laugh.  Like Cohen hula-a-hooping...naked
                    Watching a gorilla play the drums on you tube
 Photo booth.  It doesn't matter how many pictures we take, they still get me.  I was looking through all that we had taken and was crying from laughing so hard... these aren't even the best.  I will save them for a day I really need a pick me up :)

And finally the kids saw the "Charlie bit me" video and this is what happened afterwards

Monday, April 23, 2012


Michael got some snow shoes and wanted to try them out before all the snow melted, so off we were.  I feel like I need a "What in the world is going on" for Michael.  I never know where he will take us.

Don't, I repeat don't challenge Cohen to a snow ball fight
 On our way home we stopped by Michael's boss' house and the kids got to ride one of his horses....this made me a bit nervous but they loved it
 Caleb didn't ride, this was just for pictures
 this picture might need some explanation :)  There is an organization here called Mom's Network and this is the second year they had a mom prom.  I borrowed a homemade dress from 1991, pulled out my bright pink lipstick, blue eyeshadow and danced, danced and yes danced!  It was so much fun, my legs are sore this morning and I will be back next year.
 Sunday was such a beautiful day, we had the neighbors over for dinner, ugh, I'm going to miss this street so much.  We will be leaving in a week and I'm SO excited to get our stuff, AND SLEEP IN MY BED, but I'm sad that the kids won't be able to run next door to play

 Lemonade stand...they sold out!!!  Savvy was yelling "lemonade 5 cents" Then Cohen would yell "free lemonade"  My entrepreneur and social butterfly

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Thursday, April 19, 2012

What in the What?

I was brushing my teeth this morning when Cohen walked in with tape over his mouth. I asked "what in the world is going on" He tried to smile and walked off. I finished brushing and wondered how many times a day I say that. Then the brilliant idea hit me, today I'm going to try and take pictures of every time I would say it. So here goes a day of our wonderful chaos.All the dinosaurs had a bath in the morning
then all got stuffed in this later
These are teeth marks in the half of the cantaloupe
Cohen panced Caleb which got major giggles from all parties
Cohen left the house in my sweater.... excuse me.... his cape
These are just thrown in because It's way to cute to see the kids with a puppy, his name is Charlie

Then Caleb walked over, got my bottle of water and poured it on himself
pretty girl was doing an interpretive dance of "Twinkle Twinkle little star" this was the end
then the night was ended with cannonballs on the bed

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rocks in my pockets

Cohen is in love with collecting things, particularly rocks. If we have been outside for 5 minutes I know his pockets will be full of goodies to add to his collection. They have names, are loved and get bath's. He told Michael that "he bathes them so much because they are precious to him." This is how I found him and "the precious" the other day
today I found a cup with 10 rocks and filled with honey. I didn't even ask:)

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Sweet Life

Today has been a dreary, rainy day -perfect for movies, watching our ants make tunnels and....prepare yourself... Divinity YUM YUM YUM. One of the many reasons I love Michael's family is that they introduced me to Divinity. For several years now we have made it at Christmas with intentions of giving it away and somehow it disappears before we can fill the tins. This morning we pulled out our Karo syrup and ended with burning biceps and melt in your mouth Divinity
He helped

Sugar coma

Saturday, April 14, 2012

All in a days drive

We dove around Oregon for the day. We were gone all day, left at 9 and got back at 5. It still amazes me that we can drive an hour and be in snow.

These two boys had a little to much fun making yellow snow.....boys (I love it)

Getting ammo for the snowball fight
Then you can get out of the snow as fast as you get in it

It took us a little over 2 hours to get back home, both boys fell asleep and my little artist drew