Monday, April 9, 2012

Catch up

Our Internet was out for five days and I missed it, I like the web. I recently wrote a post about trying, unsuccessfully, to find the children's museum. We tried again and found it. The boys of course found the wet sand table
and savvy found the kitchen and made me a spaghetti dinner and then asked for my credit card

The kids were on spring break last week and we had two snows and a hail storm. These were the biggest snow flakes i had ever seen
Easter egg hunting at Michael's work. It was fun and very organized, you could tell it was done by engineers because we were given an exact number of eggs each child could have in their basket. The children shared the Reeses eggs, my favorite

He some how managed to get a whole chocolate egg in his mouth right before I snapped the picture. Michael had to chase him down to get it out....and Caleb wasn't happy about it

The kids got a package in every day from Thursday on, after opening two of them we decided that we should save them for the actual day. They ended up with a ton of goodies on Easter morning.

Easter afternoon a sweet family here had us over. Another egg hunt, ham, cake and a whole bunch of fun.
When we got home the kids go to do squishy baff and it was AMAZING, it's like bathing in jello. We have a pink and blue, each came with two packets and you better believe I will be in the middle of it next bath time!

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