Thursday, February 28, 2013

OH my cuddle bug!  When he wakes up in the morning and from naps he wants to lay like this for a good 10 minutes, he just fits perfect there.
 Brothers, they have a major love/hate relationship.  They fight, love and laugh hard.  But you better not mess with Caleb in front of Cohen.  A little boy called Caleb a "whiner" and Cohen said "don't talk about my brother!" oh oh oh it made this momma proud :)  I pray they always have each others back
 We had friends over for dinner and Savvy loves to set the table.  Personally I loved my silverware upside-down
                                                       Twalie and Liza

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Round 2

We took the kids sledding again and I can safely say that they have become snow babies.... still beach babies but these kids love the snow too
Caleb still enjoyed eating the snow 

 I learned that a toboggan is also a sled.  When we were walking up this sign made me laugh and a bit confused.  My friend Dyan was confused by my confusion, and out of 6 adults only Michael and I  had heard of a hat being called a toboggan... it's a southern thing :)

 These girls had a CRAZY amount of fun and several horrible, HORRIBLE wipe outs.  I think Michael might have greased the bottom of their sled

                                    Cohen had some major hat hair for lunch

 after 4 hours of sledding we were heading home and the snow started, we thought it only fair that Norah have a peek
 On Monday Michael went hiking up the mountains by our house.  5 miles up he saw this...pretty sure it's a wolf print...pretty sure that scares us to death.  Right after we moved here I had the worst dream I have ever had and it involved wolves.  I don't like wolves

Monday, February 18, 2013

V-day and More

I went to the tricities Saturday and Michael took the kids on a picnic, he's such a fun dad
 Savvy was out of school Thursday and Friday for Conferences and our church held an art camp for the kids.  She loved it
We bought Norah Jane her first gift!  I feel like Savvy and I are sisters when we start talking about Norah.  We get all giddy talking about dressing her up and doing her hair and painting her nails.  Norah will probably be a tomboy :)
 We took the kids to a big brother/sister class at the hospital and the kids love some babies.  I really think when it comes down to it Cohen is the most excited to meet Norah.  My belly gets a hug and kiss at least once a day and he asks if she can come out today.

 Valentines Day was a huge hit.  The kids got ton's of candy and gifts from the grandparents and we got them a beta fish.  The huge debate was what to name it.  Savvy wanted "Dorothy", Cohen wanted "fish lizard" or "fish sticks".  They finally settled on "Blueberry Elmer Clay"

Michael made us the best chocolate cake ever!
He is talking so much, he said this week "I want chocolate milk please".  When he uses his manners and that smile on me I can't say no
 He stayed in the laundry basket for over 30 minutes, I think it reminded him of the womb :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Week Wrap-Up

We had a a good low-key week last week.  If Caleb wakes up from his nap dry I put him on the potty, popcorn bowl and all.  So far he has done so good

 Cohen has been asking me to help make his lego ninjago since Christmas and I have found every excuse I could come up with because it had at least 200 pieces.  I finally buckled and we put it together when Caleb was napping and I absolutely LOVED it.  We had so much fun and I completely got into the lego zone, bring it on legos :)

                                          Bath time is always an adventure

We had movie night Friday night
 after we put the kids to bed and the boys were asleep Savvy came back in and asked to sleep with us.  Michael can't tell that baby no, so she camped with us.  I stayed up reading and found them sleeping like this before I went to bed
 Saturday morning I took my glucose test and chose the "sprite" drink.  I love sweets but it is nasty sweet and 2 hours after drinking it I crashed
 before I crashed :) we colored for groundhogs day and Caleb provided entertainment
                         Saturday night we went swimming for a birthday

                                                       the boy loves science
 We have friends who went to Hawaii and their daughter is staying with us, which means Cohen is in our bed for the week, look at those toes :)