Monday, February 18, 2013

V-day and More

I went to the tricities Saturday and Michael took the kids on a picnic, he's such a fun dad
 Savvy was out of school Thursday and Friday for Conferences and our church held an art camp for the kids.  She loved it
We bought Norah Jane her first gift!  I feel like Savvy and I are sisters when we start talking about Norah.  We get all giddy talking about dressing her up and doing her hair and painting her nails.  Norah will probably be a tomboy :)
 We took the kids to a big brother/sister class at the hospital and the kids love some babies.  I really think when it comes down to it Cohen is the most excited to meet Norah.  My belly gets a hug and kiss at least once a day and he asks if she can come out today.

 Valentines Day was a huge hit.  The kids got ton's of candy and gifts from the grandparents and we got them a beta fish.  The huge debate was what to name it.  Savvy wanted "Dorothy", Cohen wanted "fish lizard" or "fish sticks".  They finally settled on "Blueberry Elmer Clay"

Michael made us the best chocolate cake ever!
He is talking so much, he said this week "I want chocolate milk please".  When he uses his manners and that smile on me I can't say no
 He stayed in the laundry basket for over 30 minutes, I think it reminded him of the womb :)

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