Monday, March 25, 2013


On Thursday Michael and I were going to bed and somehow decided to go to Boise Saturday.  I wish there was a job for professional travelers because our family would be perfect for that position.  The kids are the best travelers and they love staying in "rotels" almost as much as Christmas morning.  We made it Saturday around lunch and picked up Kaiti, she was in our youth group back in Memphis and now goes to Boise State, and she was our tour guide for the day.  We hiked up some trail really close to the university.  Savvy and Cohen are hilarious and were nothing short of crazy running up the trail.

 Then we went to Sierra Trading post Outlet and Michael got a new pair of hiking boots, and the kids were still acting so goofy we just sat in the car.  I think they could easily have their own reality show.  We then went to Chick-fil-a!!!!!!!!!  We savored every single bite.  We then headed to a mall....what's that... it felt good to be in a city.
Michael and I put all the kids in one bed and it worked... until 4 am when Caleb fell out of the bed.  He was fine but I put him in the bed with us and Michael was in some kind of sleep stupor and went into the bed with Savvy and Cohen.  I was almost back to sleep when Michael and Savannah had a battle of the covers.  Michael said 3 times "stop savvy" or "give it back Savannah" or "Saaavvvaannnaahh".  I was laughing so hard because he sounded like Cohen fighting with her.  And side note... she never woke up and won the battle with the covers.

 Sunday morning we went swimming, then to babies-r-us and I was in heaven.  It was so exciting looking at all of the baby stuff and the fact that we get to do it again.  While I was in heaven, Michael and the kids bought a $1.99 beta fish.  Our fish that we got for Valentines day, Blueberry Elmer, was accidentally dropped down the drain when I was cleaning the tank.  Long story. Our new fish is Derek Spidey.  He died 12 hours after we bought him.  I'm done with fish for a while

              We had such a wonderful time and full of funny precious memories

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

When Michael got back home it was close to 9:30 which is so late for these kiddos.  They wanted so bad to stay up but were crashing fast.
While Savvy and Cohen could barely keep their eyes open, Caleb was going strong.  Michael made it home and gave everyone (except Cohen-he said his legs weren't working anymore) a second wind
                    On dasher and dancer.... It amazes me what they come up with

 We are getting our first signs of spring.  I love flowers, it makes me so happy to walk in and see and smell them
 And our Chia pet Uncle Drew got the kids has been very popular
Savvy was "teaching" Cohen how to read...AKA she says the word and he repeats
 We were going to be out of town for St. Patricks day so we continued our tradition of going to the Laht Neppur on Friday.  They had an Irish band, Irish dancing (think river dance), pizza and a pitcher of root beer.  It was so much fun!  We stayed much later than we intended, but I'm not one to stop a good time :)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

We miss him

Michael left last Saturday for work and gets back tomorrow.... whoop whoop!  We have had a really good week but man we really miss him when he travels.  We also have had a good dose of jealousy because he was able to fly into Memphis and visit with family and friends.  Savannah always mentions Lenny's when we talk about him (or anyone for that matter) being back home.  She really misses her turkey sandwich :)
The sun has finally come out to play in Walla Walla and oh it feels so good.  This winter was really hard on me, I'm hands down a sunshine girl
 This is what they wanted to wear to church Sunday.  I LoVe and encourage them to pick out their own clothes.  Savannah is usually something that doesn't match, Cohen is always sweat pants and Caleb, without a doubt, wants a super hero shirt.
 They adore each other.  She is his little momma and spoils him rotten.  I feel a slight bit of nerves on how he is going to react to her showing affection to Norah
 Sunday after church we had lunch outside, look at Caleb's little shoes.  They were Cohen's flip flops and I can't take how precious his feet look
 Speaking of feet, the kids have found a pair of baby legs (for Norah) and we have had fights between all 3 on who can wear them.  Cohen had somehow managed to wear them to school under his boots
 I got my first call from the school nurse Tuesday because Savvy had an upset stomach.  It was short lived and she feels 100% now, but I did teach her the song "diarrhea... Cha, Cha, Cha" and she drew a journal entry of her day.  I was crying from laughing so hard
 I kept her home Wednesday just for safe measure and she went to the Dr. with me.  She got to hold a doll that should be the exact size of Norah
 I don't think he could get any sweeter.  The boy is crazy in love with this baby.  I've let the kids rotate on sleeping with me and this morning I woke up to him hugging my belly.  God bless the boy who falls in love with Norah, just having to go threw Cohen is going to be risky :)
                         We have found multiple uses for the marshmallow gun
           The Nelson's had us over for dinner.  So thankful for amazing friends