Monday, March 25, 2013


On Thursday Michael and I were going to bed and somehow decided to go to Boise Saturday.  I wish there was a job for professional travelers because our family would be perfect for that position.  The kids are the best travelers and they love staying in "rotels" almost as much as Christmas morning.  We made it Saturday around lunch and picked up Kaiti, she was in our youth group back in Memphis and now goes to Boise State, and she was our tour guide for the day.  We hiked up some trail really close to the university.  Savvy and Cohen are hilarious and were nothing short of crazy running up the trail.

 Then we went to Sierra Trading post Outlet and Michael got a new pair of hiking boots, and the kids were still acting so goofy we just sat in the car.  I think they could easily have their own reality show.  We then went to Chick-fil-a!!!!!!!!!  We savored every single bite.  We then headed to a mall....what's that... it felt good to be in a city.
Michael and I put all the kids in one bed and it worked... until 4 am when Caleb fell out of the bed.  He was fine but I put him in the bed with us and Michael was in some kind of sleep stupor and went into the bed with Savvy and Cohen.  I was almost back to sleep when Michael and Savannah had a battle of the covers.  Michael said 3 times "stop savvy" or "give it back Savannah" or "Saaavvvaannnaahh".  I was laughing so hard because he sounded like Cohen fighting with her.  And side note... she never woke up and won the battle with the covers.

 Sunday morning we went swimming, then to babies-r-us and I was in heaven.  It was so exciting looking at all of the baby stuff and the fact that we get to do it again.  While I was in heaven, Michael and the kids bought a $1.99 beta fish.  Our fish that we got for Valentines day, Blueberry Elmer, was accidentally dropped down the drain when I was cleaning the tank.  Long story. Our new fish is Derek Spidey.  He died 12 hours after we bought him.  I'm done with fish for a while

              We had such a wonderful time and full of funny precious memories

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  1. did you stop in our fav store from when we were there?!?! It's one of the places I am stopping at when I get there this weekend!

    I need to know where you hiked we need things to do! LOL

    Great family photo!