Thursday, April 4, 2013


The Easter festivities started on Friday with the boys hunting eggs at Cohen's school.  Cohen also had his program and was adorable.  One of the songs he sang went like this... according to Cohen..."This is how we know what love is, Jesus Christ, laid down his wife..."  ummmm, but he was so sweet and sincere :)
Saturday Michaels work had a hunt with the Easter bunny.  Caleb was not feeling the bunny this year.  When we all walked out to see him Caleb screamed with huge eyes BUNNY and stayed on my hip anytime the bunny hopped by

Sunday morning the Easter bunny came, along with gifts from grandparents.  The Easter bunny brought us a family movie night.  We went Monday night and the total was $50.50 and we saw a matinee.  It makes me so sad because all of us love the movies

Here we are before church

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  1. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!!!! Ashley, you could seriously be a model! Should go into maternity modeling :)