Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Best Weekend Ever

Saturday morning I woke up at 7 to my phone ringing.  It was in the living room and you better believe I was not getting up to get it.  I thought oh it's someone from Memphis who forgot we are 2 hours behind.  Then Michael's phone went off and he jumped out of bed to get it.... I knew something was up but still had yet to open my eyes :)  I then heard Michael open the front door and I thought hmmm he must have had something delievered, but never did it cross my mind that someone might be here.  I heard him walking back to our bedroom and decided to open my eyes and there is my mom!!!!  They got me good, I had absolutely NO idea!  We got all day Saturday and half the day Sunday with CJ.

 So how could this weekend possibly get any better????  How about a baby shower!  Sunday my amazing friends Renee, Andraya and Dyan hosted a shower.  It was beautiful and wonderful and my heart is so overfull with love I think I could burst
 By that night I had everything washed and put away.  I've been nesting but when mom came in it took my nesting to a whole new level.  I walk into the girls room at least 20 times a day, to look in Norah's drawers, open the closet, rock in the rocker, organize diapers for the 100th time... I am in complete baby bliss
I love this picture of us...I didn't know I could make that face
 Savvy, of course, was at the shower and she opened all the presents:)  She also wanted to dress like me, have I mentioned that I love her

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