Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Break

Spring Break was last week and we had...for the most part... a really good week.  I had scheduled my dr. appointment for this week forgetting I would have all 3 kids.  They ended up doing so good.  Cohen was a complete chatter box and was telling Susan(midwife) all about how he is going to invent a machine that makes lizards... with all the details.  Caleb is so funny when we listen to Norah's heart beat because he is convinced it's a "choo-choo train" but can't find where the noise is coming from.

                                     They all got to hold the baby again

 Later in the week we went to pioneer park to try out the jumbo ball dado and grammy got the kids for Easter.  While Michael was getting the ball blown up the albino peacock was trying to impress some of his friends.
 Jumbo ball was an enormous hit with belly laughs coming from the whole family minus Caleb.  Caleb does Not like the ball.  The park has a sledding hill that the kids and Michael were going down, it was hilarious

                                                  We had an art session
 She wrote a S, A and N above the flowers.  Savannah, Ashley and Norah... She makes my heart mushy
He was saying "I am batman"  I have Never seen a love for superheros like this boy has

 Caleb had a run in with our dinning room table.  It hurt him so bad and knocked him flat on his back (he was running full speed).  It is such an ugly bruise and I didn't know your ear could bruise.  It doesn't hurt him anymore and if I ask how his ear is, his response is always "table"  He is holding a grudge :)

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