Monday, July 21, 2014


We have had such a fun summer.  I just love being with the kids and sleeping in and taking things slow and just making memories.
These two are such sweet friends, always get along and always upset to leave each other
We were at the sprinkler park and this picture is right before a reindeer flew in Caleb's mouth and hurt his neck....... yes that is what he told me.  Actually I didn't get that story until we were already at the ER
No one saw what happened but my baby couldn't lift up his head.  He got Valum, Loratab and an X-Ray and everything looked ok.  Still not sure what happened but he was perfect after 3 days.  After they gave him the pain medicine he kept on saying "banana bread" and thought it was hilarious.
This was his head position on day 2, he could at least hold it up so we knew he was getting better
                                                      day 3- All better!
We saw the Pete the Cat author with mom and he was so much fun.  Cohen is giving a thumbs up behind him, he cracks me up

                                Cohen has also lost so many teeth its a bit scary

Norah's hair is still amazing
Played with the stingrays at our zoo, we have so missed our zoo and so glad we get to visit it again
She is such a water baby