Sunday, May 13, 2018


Snow Days

We LOVE snow days and got some good ones this winter!
Cohen worked so hard on this igloo I would have to call him in to warm up after being out there for hours. 

Caleb is somewhere in there

Both pups love the snow too!

They tried to shake whole milk into butter. Didn’t quite work 

We turned our bath water into slime with some concoction the kids got for Christmas

And played carnival 

Puppy love

Everyone is still loving Lou. She’s sleeping hard and playing hard. 

Christmas continued

Saturday we all headed over to dads to watch the Memphis game.  As soon as we got to dads I sat in a chair and never got up. The flu hit me and hit me hard. It was horrible but Michael was amazing and I don’t know what I would do without him. 
Sunday everyone went to the escape room  and made it out. Then everyone came back over for New Year’s Eve but I stayed in my room. 
We all loved being together

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Christmas Break

My artists 

The whole family cake to Memphis for a long weekend after Christmas. Mom planned out a fantastic schedule full of fun stuff to do around town. Thursday night we cooked out of our house and played hide n seek with drinks, It was hilarious and then a game of Left, right, center with the champion being Drew. 
We woke up Friday morning and headed to the zoo and ice skated. 

Then to the Peabody 

And finished our night at the rendezvous 

Christmas Morning

Oh how I have dreamed about giving the kids a puppy on Christmas morning and it was more than I had imagined!  
Saint Mom kept her for us the week before and she terrorized her home. Lord bless mom!
I was not prepared for Savvy’s reaction. She actually started telling us how much she wanted a puppy the beginning of December. We had to play it cool but every night Michael and I would talk about it and were so excited!


We have an electric heater in our bedroom that the whole family loves in the winter. After every shower they lay in front of it and usually every morning when they wake up. Below Norah is drying her hair

The last day of school for Christmas break we met the McDaniels for bowling.  Norah’s pjs are 2 sizes to small but they are her favorite and she wanted to match Caleb for pj day