Thursday, March 7, 2013

We miss him

Michael left last Saturday for work and gets back tomorrow.... whoop whoop!  We have had a really good week but man we really miss him when he travels.  We also have had a good dose of jealousy because he was able to fly into Memphis and visit with family and friends.  Savannah always mentions Lenny's when we talk about him (or anyone for that matter) being back home.  She really misses her turkey sandwich :)
The sun has finally come out to play in Walla Walla and oh it feels so good.  This winter was really hard on me, I'm hands down a sunshine girl
 This is what they wanted to wear to church Sunday.  I LoVe and encourage them to pick out their own clothes.  Savannah is usually something that doesn't match, Cohen is always sweat pants and Caleb, without a doubt, wants a super hero shirt.
 They adore each other.  She is his little momma and spoils him rotten.  I feel a slight bit of nerves on how he is going to react to her showing affection to Norah
 Sunday after church we had lunch outside, look at Caleb's little shoes.  They were Cohen's flip flops and I can't take how precious his feet look
 Speaking of feet, the kids have found a pair of baby legs (for Norah) and we have had fights between all 3 on who can wear them.  Cohen had somehow managed to wear them to school under his boots
 I got my first call from the school nurse Tuesday because Savvy had an upset stomach.  It was short lived and she feels 100% now, but I did teach her the song "diarrhea... Cha, Cha, Cha" and she drew a journal entry of her day.  I was crying from laughing so hard
 I kept her home Wednesday just for safe measure and she went to the Dr. with me.  She got to hold a doll that should be the exact size of Norah
 I don't think he could get any sweeter.  The boy is crazy in love with this baby.  I've let the kids rotate on sleeping with me and this morning I woke up to him hugging my belly.  God bless the boy who falls in love with Norah, just having to go threw Cohen is going to be risky :)
                         We have found multiple uses for the marshmallow gun
           The Nelson's had us over for dinner.  So thankful for amazing friends

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  1. So glad Michael will be home soon! Loved seeing your week!