Tuesday, March 19, 2013

When Michael got back home it was close to 9:30 which is so late for these kiddos.  They wanted so bad to stay up but were crashing fast.
While Savvy and Cohen could barely keep their eyes open, Caleb was going strong.  Michael made it home and gave everyone (except Cohen-he said his legs weren't working anymore) a second wind
                    On dasher and dancer.... It amazes me what they come up with

 We are getting our first signs of spring.  I love flowers, it makes me so happy to walk in and see and smell them
 And our Chia pet Uncle Drew got the kids has been very popular
Savvy was "teaching" Cohen how to read...AKA she says the word and he repeats
 We were going to be out of town for St. Patricks day so we continued our tradition of going to the Laht Neppur on Friday.  They had an Irish band, Irish dancing (think river dance), pizza and a pitcher of root beer.  It was so much fun!  We stayed much later than we intended, but I'm not one to stop a good time :)

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