Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Round 2

We took the kids sledding again and I can safely say that they have become snow babies.... still beach babies but these kids love the snow too
Caleb still enjoyed eating the snow 

 I learned that a toboggan is also a sled.  When we were walking up this sign made me laugh and a bit confused.  My friend Dyan was confused by my confusion, and out of 6 adults only Michael and I  had heard of a hat being called a toboggan... it's a southern thing :)

 These girls had a CRAZY amount of fun and several horrible, HORRIBLE wipe outs.  I think Michael might have greased the bottom of their sled

                                    Cohen had some major hat hair for lunch

 after 4 hours of sledding we were heading home and the snow started, we thought it only fair that Norah have a peek
 On Monday Michael went hiking up the mountains by our house.  5 miles up he saw this...pretty sure it's a wolf print...pretty sure that scares us to death.  Right after we moved here I had the worst dream I have ever had and it involved wolves.  I don't like wolves