Monday, April 23, 2012


Michael got some snow shoes and wanted to try them out before all the snow melted, so off we were.  I feel like I need a "What in the world is going on" for Michael.  I never know where he will take us.

Don't, I repeat don't challenge Cohen to a snow ball fight
 On our way home we stopped by Michael's boss' house and the kids got to ride one of his horses....this made me a bit nervous but they loved it
 Caleb didn't ride, this was just for pictures
 this picture might need some explanation :)  There is an organization here called Mom's Network and this is the second year they had a mom prom.  I borrowed a homemade dress from 1991, pulled out my bright pink lipstick, blue eyeshadow and danced, danced and yes danced!  It was so much fun, my legs are sore this morning and I will be back next year.
 Sunday was such a beautiful day, we had the neighbors over for dinner, ugh, I'm going to miss this street so much.  We will be leaving in a week and I'm SO excited to get our stuff, AND SLEEP IN MY BED, but I'm sad that the kids won't be able to run next door to play

 Lemonade stand...they sold out!!!  Savvy was yelling "lemonade 5 cents" Then Cohen would yell "free lemonade"  My entrepreneur and social butterfly

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