Friday, March 5, 2010

Funny Friday

It's only 7:05 and I already have laughed so hard I've gotten a cramp.

6:00am Cohen is in his crib very softly saying "I want some apple butter, I want some apple butter" he says this a good 10 times, then there is silence. "momma you hear me?"

6:50am Savannah comes out of her room looks at me and says "my daddy says monkeys are mean" I said did he? "yes and that is not very nice"

Michael never remembers telling her monkeys are mean


  1. hahahah i love them! "momma you hear me?" hahah! oh sweet babies!

  2. I want some apple butter too. i love those kids. and sweet Cohen is getting so big. i can't believe he can talk. i'm just going to pretend you are still carrying him around in his infant carrier. he's still a baby, right?

  3. Bahahaha! I love the crazy things kids say.