Sunday, August 12, 2012

Our Week

Our week started with a very sick little boy!  We stayed at home for 2 days and my busy little toddler turned into a cuddle bug.  I was the lucky one who got to hold him.
 The Dr. prescribed Motrin, milkshakes and mom :)  He didn't want a spoon, or to drink out of the straw but to use the straw as the spoon.  He was eating so I didn't interrupt
                I absolutely LOVE to see what Savannah picks out to wear each day
 Cohen has found a love for "science".  I'm still discovering what all falls under his definition of "science".  We got a plate of milk and put different food colors on it and  mixed it with liquid soap.  They liked it but it was over pretty fast, probably wont do it again  
Saturday we drove to tri-cities so Michael could get some new running shoes.  We had lunch

                   and Caleb was into the women's ribbon competition of the olympics
        Caleb and I took a wonderful Sunday nap today and woke up to car washing

                                                 Cohen got pruned out:)

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