Wednesday, October 21, 2009


We went to Disney World with Michael's sister, her husband and their little boy Patrick. We had the BEST time. Character dinners, meeting princesses, rides, parades, fireworks, we did it all! The kids did great, everyone had a "come apart" at least once a day, but I really expected that. We woke up at 6:30 every morning and the earliest we got back was 9:00. Sunday was Savannah's day, we had breakfast at Cinderella's castle then she had a princess makeover by her fairy godmother. She was dressed in her Ariel costume and was able to meet Ariel twice. That night I was putting on her Ariel P.J.'s and I said Savannah you have had an Ariel day, she looked me and said " a dream come true"
Cohen giving kisses
This is the step mother from Cinderella. She walked up to Savannah and said "Well hello little fish girl" and walked off. Savannah looked so confused!
Sweet girl He loved his bear face! Savvy and Aunt April!

Hugs good-bye to Fairy godmother Sue

Almost done with the princess makeover! Fairy godmother Sue. She was AMAZING and adored Savvy
Savannah asking Ariel "where's Flounder?"
Bell was so sweet Jasmine teaching Savvy how to be sassy.

Princess Ariel!!!

Had one too many... he was in a sugar coma, he drank Michaels chocolate shake...all of it

Still sleeping...

back and ready to go! This was at Animal Kingdom, they loved it!

Watching fireworks. Precious!
Sweet baby Mason, Savvy loved him

I think this was the Dumbo ride

Savannah's best friend Julianna came down Friday, they were so excited to see each other. They are moving to Hawaii in December.

Patrick, Savannah and Julianna

Savannah hugged all the characters

I love this pic! They really do love each other


  1. All the pictures are so precious!!! It looks like the little ones had an amazing time! I am so glad! I can't wait to hear more about! I'm glad Savvy got her Princess Time :)

  2. Ashley...seriously, a tear came to my eye when Savvy said that her day with Ariel was a dream come true! Thats the sweetest thing! I can't wait for Presley to love something like that! The pictures are wonderful and makes me so excited to share that memory with my children one day! I love yall!

  3. Oh how I LOVED seeing some pictures! I can't wait to hear all about your trip! By the way, that picture of Cohen asleep head first on the stroller is PRICELESS! Rhett & I enjoyed it!

  4. My FAVORITE picture is the one of Cohen asleep on the stroller after the sugar coma and Savannah being sassy! I am glad you all had a blast!!!! I can't imagine how excited Savvy was the whole time!!!