Wednesday, December 3, 2014

This, that and boo boo's

 Norah and I have the house to ourselves on Tuesday and Thursday's because the older three are in school and I just kind of follow her around and make sure she doesn't kill herself.  She is into everything and is the most mischievous little squirt

 She loves the pantry.  If she is quiet then she has gotten food and is hiding someone eating it
 Her and Caleb were playing in the hall and I heard her scream.  There was blood and I saw her tongue….. and oh oh oh poor baby.  I called Becky right away to come over and watch the other kids so I could take her to the ER.  By the time Becky got there (which was like 3 minutes) it had stopped bleeding.  I called our dentist and sent him pictures and he said they wouldn't stitch it and that the tongue heals fast.  She took it like a trooper and it didn't stop her from eating or sleeping.  The next day it was closed unless she stuck it out and by the second day it was closed completely
 Three days after the tongue incident I got a call from the school nurse…ugh…. Savvy had fallen and her elbow was banged up.  When I got there the nurse was telling me how Savannah hasn't cried a tear and the nurse said it's ok to cry I know it hurts.  Savannah kept on telling her she was fine.  I decided to take her home and the moment I opened up the van door that baby girl started balling.  She is so tough ALWAYS but the moment it's just us two she lets down her guard.  I love her so much it hurts.  We had to treat it like road rash, she has a pretty cool scar now ;)
                   I don't even know whats going on here, it's just funny
                                       Caleb and Norah at the zoo

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