Monday, December 22, 2014

Michael's Birthday

 If I'm ever at a loss of a gift for Michael… get him outside.  This guy loves the outdoors, always has, always will.  I wish we shared this pull for trees, and streams, and mountains, and dirt but it's the ocean that sings to me.  He has opened my eyes to the peace of stillness of hiking 7 miles and sleeping on the ground and eating dehydrated food.  And I think I've opened his to having a beer and sitting for hours on end staring at the waves.  We're just good for each other, and honestly if I had to spend a day at the dump but was with Michael it would be fun…. ok so enough mush…. I talked our parents into watching the kids for the weekend and we headed to east TN and Ashville, NC.
  Friday night we stayed in Cumbeland Gap, TN and ate mexican and drove around.  We slept in Saturday then hiked part of the Ewing Trail and made it to the top of White Rock.  At the top you can see TN, KY, VA and NC instead we saw endless white fog.  It was still pretty.
We then headed over to Ashville and the trees were gorgeous.  I tried and tried to get a picture that did the colors justice but couldn't get it.  At one stop we found a tree that looked just like a dunce hat.  Michael wore it well
 We went to a brewery that night and then watched football in our hotel room.  Sunday we headed home and but stopped in Cookeville first

We had a perfect time.  Happy 33rd Birthday Michael, I love you like crazy

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