Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It's Fall!

Fall was fun and fast and came late.  Leaves were still falling in December.  One revelation that happened this season was that Cohen finally learned his brothers name.  This was our conversation on the way to school one morning:
Cohen:  How do you spell K-Loves name?
Me: C A L E B
Cohen:  What, it ends in a b?
Me:  yep
dramatic pause then loud gasp
Cohen:   MY….WHOLE….LIFE… I thought his name was K-love and his name is really Caleb.
It blew his mind!  It still makes me laugh
Caleb, Norah and I went shopping and she loved this head thing.  We saw it when we first came in the store, she put it on and wore it the whole time.

                                             Norahs first pig-tails
 We got hit by the stomach bug from the pits of ….  All 6 of us got it, never at the same time, one would get sick then the next day it would be another.  And 3 of us got it twice.  It lasted for over 3 weeks. Our house had never been as clean during this time, if a surface could be bleached it was bleached.  Even things that shouldn't be bleached were bleached.  Caleb missed a month of church, his sweet teachers and class made him this card, I love our church
 I raked up a pile of leaves and had it ready when the kids got off the bus.  Cohen was hilarious, he ran straight from the bus to the leaves backpack and all.

 Our attempt at a family selfie… we just have too many for this to work :)
 after our selfie Norah just snuggled on me.  It was pure heaven and lasted for about 10 minutes.  I'm sure people driving by thought we were crazy but I was not moving.
                         Even Caleb's photobombs didn't phase her
                      Michael was a mystery reader for Savannah's class
 Cohen finally got a big boy haircut.  He really wanted to keep it like this but we cut it all off
 Michael and I went to live at the garden and saw Darius Rucker.  I had to drag Michael along, he didn't want to go at all.  BUT it ended up being a fantastic concert and we had a great time
 Two of Columbus' boats sailed down the Mississippi and we stopped to see them.  I believe this was the Nina… I think

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