Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Vampire, Spy, Black Spider-man and a Bee!  

 We went to our neighborhood party and Norah won the costume contest!  By the end of the night she was acting more like a hornet than a bee… but she looked absolutely precious.  Mom found her this costume
                                         Savvy and her best friend Paige
 Halloween was on a Friday this year and the kids really wanted Michael and I to dress up.  So last minute I decided to be a fairy godmother.  I got my make-up done, wore an old bridesmaid dress and put on some of Savvy's angel wings.  The bus drops the kids off at our driveway and when it stopped I jumped out of the garage and flittered around our yard.  I did the same thing to Michael when he was pulling in from work.  I really make myself laugh… but the kids loved it.  I'm getting Michael in on it next year and already have some ideas

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