Tuesday, October 29, 2013

This and That

Cohen is still going strong with hockey.  It's like therapy for me to go watch him, I laugh the entire time...like i'm slapping my knee several times type of laughing.  It is so fun 

A local farm had a Hoe down.  We carved pumpkins, made our own apple cider, carriage rides and then a pot luck dinner
                          Cohen still likes to point with his middle finger
                                           Norahs first pony tail
 He lost his first tooth!  Fun note, a week before it came out I was tucking him into bed and fluffing his pillow when something stabbed me.  It was a shark tooth.  He said he was trying to see if he could get the tooth fairy to come early :)  I pulled Savannah's first tooth, so I was dead set on pulling his first.  We came to the agreement that I would try to pull it out every night.  I forgot one night so the next morning I tried and the thing was literally hanging by a thread..it was bleeding, hanging sideways, it was practically out and he WOULD not let me pull it again.  I knew if I didn't get it he would loose it at school so I told him that I was getting Caleb dressed and then coming back to pull it out... I.WAS.GETTING.THAT.TOOTH.  Well I walked out of the bathroom and then peeked back in to see him pulling it down.  I literally moved like a ninja and jumped beside him and knocked his hand down, which caused the tooth to fly up above his head and into the sink.  I started singing I got it, I got it and looked over to Savannah's mouth wide open and Cohen's eyes as big as saucers.  I'm pretty sure it's because they have never seen me move with such gladiator like skills.
                                             pretty pumpkin princess
adorable, she is just adorable
 Caleb tried on Norah's halloween costume and loved it, he wanted to leave the house with it on
 My savvy.  Im just crazy about her.  Its unbelievable how well she is reading now and how much she loves it.  She reads at least one book a day and loves taking accelerated reader tests.  She gets a packet of homework every Monday that is due on Friday.  She finishes it all on Monday night because she just loves it, is it so much to ask that all of the kids will always love school work?

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