Sunday, January 27, 2013

More than Rainbows

Savvy and Cohen will turn almost everything into a competition, from washing hands to getting in the car.  After tucking them in the other night the competition moved to a whole new level.  This was our conversation

Me:  Good night guys, I love you
Savvy:  I love you more 
Me:  I love you guys most
Savvy:  I love you more than rainbows
Cohen:  I love you more than my presents
Savvy:  Mommy you are my present
Me:  oooooo, guys I love you

Yes I completely fell for it and am still smiling about it.  I walked out and asked Michael if he heard that and he rolled his eyes - I'm sure because he was insanely jealous :)  I'm not ashamed to turn loving me into a competition... I'm kidding, not really, yes I am.

Moving on, Caleb's new name for  Cohen is "Conan" now.  I was able to get it on video, but they are only in their underwear (which is nothing out of the norm) and Caleb has brownie on his face (again, not our of the norm).  

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  1. I love it - makes me smile...especially when K-Love 98 sees the camera and automatically says "cheese"! What a sweet little monkey!