Sunday, December 2, 2012

December 1

What an amazing day I had!  My man knows how to celebrate and I couldn't have asked for a more exciting day.  It started with breakfast in bed, then off to get a pedicure with some friends.  
We have a goal of doing an act of kindness everyday for the month of December.  I knew today was going to be jam packed so I gave the guy who did my pedicure a Starbucks and a nice tip
We then headed to my  favorite sandwich shop and met 3 more friends for lunch.

 Then headed home to watch the SEC Championship game.  Michael had Caleb down for a nap and let the kids watch a movie on the computer so it was just us two watching the first half of the game
                                It's upside down but 31 looks yummy to me
 Our Christmas parade was that night so we watched it and then the babysitter (and her parents) took the kids home and Michael and I went and had a wonderful dinner

  Another year with a million reasons to praise God.  My heart is so full with love and  gratitude

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