Wednesday, December 12, 2012


 We are back and well.  Poor Cohen was sick for 8 days, I would think he was getting better and then his fever would come up.  Glad to say he is so much better... oh and did I mention all the kids got pink eye during this 8 days?  It was a hard week, but I did love having all the kids home for some of it.

Last Friday, during the time I thought Cohen was better, we went to a friends house to decorate cookies.  She had a total of 13 kids squeezing icing and sprinkling sprinkles and it was wonderful.  We only left with one cookie because Savvy and Caleb ate everyone they made.

 I am so crazy about this goofy boy.  At least twice a day Michael or I will say "look at Caleb" and he is doing something that makes me do the belly laugh

 We got all the kids on the couch and then there was a knock on the door and SANTA came!  It was so exciting and the kids flipped out.  Santa brought all the kids a book, and the adults some cute Christmas socks.  Caleb did not trust Santa and wouldn't take the  present from him.  He just was looking at him saying no no no no.  I took the present and handed it to Caleb and he said no and threw it.  He still doesn't like the book :)
 She loved him and asked him what were some of the names of his elves.  She wants to be an elf so bad
                        I found Caleb sucking all of the red icing out of the bottle

So much fun and thank you Renee for opening your house :)

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