Monday, November 26, 2012

Turkey Birthday

Our blond baby is 2 and he is incredible plain and simple.  I can't believe that in this last year he learned how to walk, throw fits, give big hugs and kisses and talk among tons of other things.  Some of my favorite things  that he says is "good, good", "happy, happy", "eww, gross", "ohh, cute", how he calls a jacket a backpack, Savvy, Cohen and love you.  Caleb brings so much joy and love to our house and I'm forever grateful to be his mom.
We started the day with opening presents from grandparents
            He is so in love with his "horsy" and has to sleep with him now

We had dinner with friends and got to celebrate Thanksgiving and Caleb

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  1. Hey Ashley! You've got a precious family, and I love reading your blog. :) Congrats on your 4th baby!! I am also expecting my 4th. Hope everything is going well for you!! Kayla