Monday, November 12, 2012


 Going on week 13 of the pregnancy and thinking I'm on the upswing.  This pregnancy has been the hardest because I am all over the place, feeling amazing one day then in the dumps the next.  Anyways, now on to the fun exciting topics!  I pulled out the maternity shirts!!!
  I am also using a midwife for the pregnancy and am incredibly excited.  In Memphis you had to have a home birth to use a midwife because the hospitals wouldn't employ them (RIDICULOUS).  Here I can deliver in the hospital and have a midwife.  On my last visit she pulled out these little guys, which are the actual size and weight of a 10 week (on left) and 14 week (on right) baby.  Just amazing!
             He did it himself and got mad when I took it off to leave the house
                Cohen drew him and "sister" holding hands.  He really loves her!
 Savvy's school did a special program for Veteran's day and she got to hold up a flag for her class
 I love their imaginations, like really love it!  I was making lunches and the boys discovered a secret tunnel in our pantry.  At one point Cohen asked for the key to get in the hidden door

 Michael went camping and hiking this the snow.  He is crazy!  He took this picture on his phone and I can't get over how beautiful it is.  On Saturday he hiked 19.6 miles, he walked funny Sunday but glad to say his stride is back to normal today

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