Monday, November 19, 2012


Last week was so fun, mostly because of our anticipation for plans on Saturday- which will be it's own post :)  

 When I was young I HATED feet.  I remember screaming at my brothers for trying to put their feet on me, they just grossed me out.  The moment I became a mom my phobia turned into a fetish because now I cannot get enough of the kids feet.  Their little toes literally bring joy to my heart
 I took all 3 kids for a haircut and was a bit nervous because I knew it would take a while and was hoping that we didn't flood and destroy the salon before we left.  We survived, they actually were incredibly awesome

 Savvy asked to start listening to Christmas music, I don't think any of the radio stations here play it, so I've been hunting down Cd's we have to listen in the car
 I have found some pretty good friends here and dragged them along to see Breaking Dawn.  They came and stood out in the cold even though they knew nothing about the books or movies... That is friendship :)

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