Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Cohen is in LOVE with superheros now. We put in a request for every superhero book the library had, and this Friday they came in!!! Our sweet library lady was so excited because he was so excited. Him and Michael have been wrestling every night and he switches between playing spider man and venom. Saturday morning he asked if we could have pancakes like Peter Parker. He's pretty funAnd my sweet savvy bug!!! Someone at school told her that they did the dishes. So of course she wanted to as well. Cohen and I were downstairs playing when she asked if she could unload the dishwasher, I told her she could put up the silverware. She either doesn't know what silverware is or just ignored me:) But when I came up stairs that girl had unloaded and was loading it...perfectly! I told her that we were going to have to figure out some kind of allowance or reward for her doing chores. I asked her what she wants for a reward and she said "maybe learn how to make pancakes?" and was serious. I'm going to show her this post when she is a teenager.

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