Monday, February 6, 2012

I'm legal

"It's like sitting on the back of an elephant with an iron trying to get out the wrinkles." -Steven Tyler

Through blood, sweat, and tears I have my Washington license. Well it wasn't' that bad but I NEVER want to do it again. When the kids and I were flying out of Memphis the guys checking in our luggage asked to see my license, as soon as I pulled it out my eyes went straight to the expiration date which expired the month before. Renewing my license was the last thing on my mind and I completely forgot that it needed renewal. By the pure Grace of God I was able to get on the plane. When we got to Washington I went to renew online and what do you know, I need a new picture and can't renew on-line. So I call WA DOV and they tell me that I will have to come in and take the driving test. So I drive myself to get my license and yes I have to take the knowledge test too. It's $20 every time you take the test. I asked if I could study before, looked over the book for a couple of minutes and passed the test by the skin on my teeth. Then I scheduled the driving test for the next day. Showed up and I didn't have my latest insurance card on me, so she sent me home. Went two days later and my 3rd brake light was out, so she sent me home. The only family we know here amazingly let me drive their car to take the test. You need an 80 to pass, I made an....80! This lady was crazy serious about her job "you got to close to the curb while parallel parking, your left turns are too curved, you didn't look both ways before crossing over railroads" Thankfully I'm now legally driving my kids around town!

I had a great great day today. I met two girls that I KNOW the Lord made our path's cross. Days when I know, feel, and see God move I'm filled up with so much gratitude. But I know I wouldn't have this gratitude if it weren't for the days when I didn't know, feel or see God move. So today I'm thankful for God moving in ways that my mere human eyes can see.

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