Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be mine

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy! Hubby knows the way to my heart. He was going to have to work long today so he made me dinner on Monday night. The candles lit, soft music in the background, whispering sweet nothings...that was just imagined. I fed the kids while Michael cooked, so while we were eating they were running around the table, yelling, asking for bites. And I wouldn't change a thing. I adore my family. ADORE. This is our 11th valentines and I want to be with him for a million more. We set up the table for the morning. Sweet Savvy had secretly made a homemade valentine for each of us, I forgot to take a picture of them. But my heart was mush ;)

Caleb found my make-up drawer this morning, I see lipstick on the walls in our future.
I painted my nails in honor of the holidays, perfect for ticklingWe also did our craft today. I got all of our broken crayons and let the kids glue them to a foam board (I wanted a canvas but couldn't find one in town). This is what Cohen glued and I didn't get a pic after Savvy glued hers.
Then we took a blow dryer to melt the crayons. You are supposed to use an embossing gun, but we improvised which = enormous mess.
Melted crayon splattered everywhere. I have cleaned and cleaned and there is still stuff EVERYWHERE. If, IF we ever do this again it will be done outside.
And here is the masterpiece. I have already been contacted by some galleries in New York


  1. that is so cool ashley! great idea! i'm gonna have to let the kids try that one...but OUTSIDE like you said;)