Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Everyone slept well Saturday and woke up ready to go. We wanted to visit this church, the pastor has made news because of his sermons. With the kids getting over colds we decided that they would attend service with us. When we walked in I got a bulletin and it said "Sex : God, Gross or Gift" we decided this was a sermon the kids didn't need to hear yet;) We put them in the kids class and Michael and I went to service. It was fantastic, the sermon series they are going over is based on a book called Real Marriage. I've ordered it and can't wait to read it.
After that we went to lunch on the pier at Ivars and it was delicious!!! I got a salmon blt..enough said. We tried pacific oysters and I'm a true southerner at heart, the gulf's are better.

Our waiter loaded up all of our leftovers and told us to go feed the birds. I didn't get good pictures because lets face it-birds freak me out. My dad had me watch The Birds when I was a teenager and there must be some subconscious fear deep rooted in me;) These pics do no justice as to how many birds came up.
looks like I've rubbed off on Savvy

We then headed over to the space needle. It was $62 and the wait was an hour long. As soon as we bought our tickets Caleb was over it, like really over it. He cried the hour we waited, then by the time we went up all of us were over it. We stayed up there for maybe a minute and a half and left.

I told you he was over it
The boys fell asleep in the car and Michael and Savvy found Puget Sound
We then drove all around and the outskirts of the city. We saw mountains that took my breath away. I took pictures but it was cloudy and they didn't turn out. We went back to the rotel and were asleep by 9.

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