Wednesday, February 8, 2012

This and that

My little man has a chair, like thinks he is the head of the house hold - he has marked the chair. I can't quite figure out his routine but he uses it to relax, as a jungle gym and to practice his barks when dogs walk by, never sure what will happen but when we are in the living room he is in his chair.
We were at the grocery store the other day and Cohen (out of no where) and VERY loudly said "when we get home I want you to kiss my toes" ahhhh...I whispered "SHHHHHHHH Cohen what in the world are you talking about!" He told me that I kiss Caleb's toes and he wanted his toes kissed. So yes we went home and I kissed sweet Cohen's toes. Caleb's foot in this picture reminded me of the story, I want to kiss them right now:)

Savvy has brought back the glasses, she wore them all night tonight
We did another craft this week. I want to do one every week but I'm not letting the kids know about my plans. If you want an accountability partner no one is better than the kids! I'm following a blog that had this idea. The kids got to pick out the color glitter and put it in the jar. They turned out pretty and the kids were really proud. I'm going to get some flame less candles to put in them because they are flammable. I have them out for decoration now but after Valentines I'm going to put their crayons and pencils in them.


  1. Cute Idea! are right! Don't tell the kids your plans! We can't let a day go by in our household that we don't do our "fun activity"! And...if we do a fun activity, without picking it out of the jar, it doesn't count in Parker's eyes! I am running out of ideas! Maybe I will add this to my jar!

  2. Caleb looks so BIG! They look so happy Momma :)Good Job!