Friday, December 11, 2015


Cohen played flag football this year and had a pretty good cheering section

 Norah got the back to school sniffles and Savvy loves taking care of her.  She got her all set up and had a bowl, water and the thermometer set on the table:)
                    Cohen's wonderful artwork… I love how he spells everything
 I had told mom how much Norah loves beanie boos.  So of course mom went out and got her one:)  We were both so excited to see what Norah did when she got it …AND... she yelled no and threw it on the ground!  One thing I can't stand is being ungrateful so I put that beanie boo away.  They have since been reconciled and Ruby is her favorite thing to sleep with.

                                    Donuts with dad and he dressed himself
              The Butlers invited us to go see the Foo Fighters and it was amazing.  A great concert and I even caught Michael doing some slight head banging ;)

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