Saturday, November 7, 2015

Just our Normal

Savvy will teach any and everyone who comes her way.  She taught herself power point and has slideshows about colors, feelings, animal sounds and several more all with sound effects and hyperlinks.  She is just amazing

What I love about this morning is that no one said a word about Caleb… just our normal

               I was cooking supper and Savvy managed to do this…
                          I can't keep clothes on her for the life of me
She has destroyed 3 of my lipsticks… she finds them and hides and then feels so so so proud
             This lipstick she managed to get on the bottom of her shoe and ran around our bedroom…
 Here was sisters favorite nail-polish.  Somehow this was only on her and
she felt so so so proud
Caleb… 9 month old romper he loved it and was convinced it fit him perfectly because it could still button.  He wore it for 2 days

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