Sunday, December 20, 2015


The kids are so creative it's crazy, turning trash into treasure
 The boys love pomegranate seeds.  I let Caleb scoop out the seeds himself and look how proud he is
 One night I heard the kids giggling like crazy and they showed me what they had done… Michael had fallen asleep and they put the blanket and horse on his head,  I had tears flowing from laughing so hard
 The Dr. office makes Norah absolutely CRAZY… in a bad but hilarious way.  Like that one time she was washing her hands in our patient room while I was talking to the Dr. and she managed to turn the spigot so the water flowed freely on the floor, or how I have to tell her to stop licking the mirror or stop trying to get into the dirty needle container…. it is constant, constant people
 I got to go with Cohen on a field trip to the Discovery center and had such a fun time, I love this sweet boy

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