Thursday, July 19, 2012

Just another Wednesday

The kids literally woke up with the grumps on Wednesday, they were NOT happy.  We had a lot of errands to run in the morning and it ended with Savannah sitting in the grocery aisle fun.
We came home, had lunch, put Caleb to nap and watched a movie.  Then those stinkers were still grumpy.  One thing that has worked every single time to turn around a bad day is pull out the water.  It worked again:)
what started with a water hose turned into getting a soapy (make my own) slip n slide
                               This little guy woke up and joined in on the fun
 Oh and another pretty cool fact about Wednesday is that we closed on our house!  It's done, no longer ours, gives me a really weird feeling.  I still think I have the right to walk into the house and see and the kids room.  I'm sure this will fade and the new homeowner can rest assure I won't barge in.

We decided that today was definitely a day to celebrate and we remembered we had a gift card.
Funny note...My incredible, sweet, wonderful friends at TAS gave our family a gift card to Applebees when we moved.  They said they searched for restaurants in Walla Walla that we had in Memphis.  This was the only one , so those sweet loves gave us a free meal there... and it was good:)

                     Made me laugh and think it would have made them laugh too
                                          this guy got a little crazy
                                                 love bugs


  1. Haha my mom was giving me directions somewhere the other day and I said something like "so I should go past the neighborhood where Mike and Ashley live?" and then michael said "if you do that you must be REALLY lost" haha this post made me think about that. Anyway, congrats on the closing! I know that must be exciting!!! Love you guys! Tell everyone I said hello!

  2. Your babies are adorable Ashley!! Hope you are loving your hometown!