Monday, July 16, 2012

Another one bites the dust

We were eating dinner and I asked Savvy to show Michael how loose her tooth was.  After some "wow's" and "ooh's", I, jokingly, said you could pull that.  Little Ms. walked over got a tissue, came back to the dinner table, and pulled out her own tooth, it was crazy.  Our dinner table is anything but conventional.

She loves writing letters and wanted to send off another one with her tooth.  This one says "Savannah Rose Clay.  Tooth Fairy thank you for my tooth and my special thing"  She drew her and the tooth fairy both with wings and then a picture of her sleeping.  
 The tooth fairy also left her a letter "Thank you for my letter Savannah.  You have beautiful teeth ( I can tell you are a good brusher).  I'm sure I will fly by soon.  T.F.  P.S.  Have a wonderful birthday!  I left you 6 coins

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