Thursday, July 26, 2012

C.J. & M.A

 So we were able to get M.A. and C.J. for the weekend and were super pumped!  We headed to Pasco to pick them up but made a pit stop to get this little man a treat
 After I took the kids to see Brave Cohen has been so scared of that stupid bear.  He usually ends up in our bed around midnight, and Cohen likes to sleep on you, he takes cuddling to the next level.  I love it going to sleep but he usually wakes me up every hour cuddling.  I told him if he slept in his bed we would get him hulk hands (he has wanted these since Dado and grammy's visit).  He can come in our bed when "the dark is all gone" but has to stay in his bed during the night.  First night he did incredible.  Second night he started crying at 2:30, I went and tucked him in and he was fine.  The next morning he told me that he woke up and looked out his window to see if the dark was all gone but then saw a bear..Dang you Brave!  Since then he has been doing great!

Mom brought all of us Lenny's.  Savvy ate almost an entire 6 inch.  Oh how we have missed you Lenny!

I guess Cohen gets his cuddling honestly
                   Mom got Savvy knitting.  Sweet girl is making Cohen a hat

 We had a good bye lunch (when we got seated we had 45 minutes until they needed to be at the airport).  It was a rushed but sweet time

                                        Can't wait to see my loves again!

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