Friday, July 29, 2016

Savvys 10 year Backpacking Trip

Michael came up with the amazing idea to take each of the kids backpacking the year they turn 10.  All the family pitched in and we were able to get her gear to last her a long time.  We went to Savage Gulf and as soon as we pulled in it started pouring.  Michael was prepared and we all had rain gear.  She was incredible, backpacked 10 miles, ate a diet of beef sticks and freeze dried meals, swam to a waterfall, lived off the land for 2 nights, and was hilarious.  I loved so much having this one on one time with her.  At home she is always the responsible, no-nonsense, easiest-oldest child.  But here she was goofy, free, and just wonderful.  She said quotes that we will hold on for the rest of our life-like "how did he break his plasma" and "papas milk".  I hope she always remembers this trip, I know we will

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