Saturday, September 24, 2016


EVERY  SINGLE DAY something like this happens.  No prompting, no explanation.  Whats funny is my response to the craziness in our home now, like this one, when she walked in naked and a bowl on her head I didn't say a word just let her keep on walking.  Then called her back in, took her picture and went back to cooking with the giggles.  Still have no idea what she was doing but it lasted for a good 30 minutes…. I encourage creative play over here :)
                                This summer Norah napped on me a lot AND I was in heaven
Savvy lost her first molar and WHAT…. I had no idea we lost our molars.  But after calling my MIL in a panic… its supposed to happen, then the molar got knocked off the counter and still is lost… we think Indie ate it
Our Savvy bug went on her first summer camp!  We were the overprotective parents though… Michael went as a chaperone… Savvy in Kentucky for a week, alone, without us… whoa whoa whoa, were not there yet:)  Hopefully we will not be camping out at her dorm when she starts college

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