Saturday, November 12, 2016


Sweet Cassie got us tickets to see Adam Levine and he did not disappoint.  It was such a great concert and we had so much fun
 Favorite character day at school, Cohen is Harry Potter.  We let him read the first one this year and he FELL. IN. LOVE with it!  I told him that we would watch the movie when he finishes it and after we watched it he sat up and looked at me and said "THE BOOK IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE MOVIE!"  My heart soared, he then told me all about the parts that weren't in the movie but that should have been ;)  All anyone needs is an amazing book to get you hooked on reading.  He just finished the 3rd now :)

 Savvy and Caleb were Desperaux… We are reading it at night all together and it is taking us forever but it will be one of my favorites I'm sure.  I love the author so much, amazing writer!

                              Norah and I surprised MA for her birthday :)
                                                       Fun with cousins
this is totally totally unacceptable :)  Savvy is really trying to turn Norah into a razorback

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