Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Gulf Shores

We again had another amazing beach trip.  Bevvy came up with the genius idea to bring quarters and then pay the children to help with whatever her heart desired.  That cooler looks so far away "Savvy I'll give you a quarter for a drink" "Cohen I left my towel upstairs I'll give you two to go get it".  It was brilliant and several joined in on paying the kids and they made a fortune by the end of the week.  They were coming up with chores by themselves after the first day.  They also put a godiva chocolate on everyones pillow one day…. then the chocolates magically disappeared and Annabelle and Lila came down with chocolate smeared faces :)

Ann brought piñata's.  Cohen inventoried his candy
We had a photographer come and the pics turned out adorable
              Christmas card ;)

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