Saturday, January 31, 2015


We loved being home for Thanksgiving :)  We spent the day with Michaels family then headed over to my aunts and got completely lost.  This is twice I've used my phone for directions and its taken me completely to the wrong part of town.  So we missed dad's :(  Then that Saturday we went to Arkansas for another round of turkey.
While we were at mom's we went for a drive and on a whim decided to visit the animal shelter.  It was an amazing place but still just heartbreaking to see all the dogs.  When we walked in all the dogs started barking and Cohen looked at me and said "they are all saying 'pick me, pick me'". While we were walking I saw this one dog just staring at me.  All the other dogs in the kennel were jumping and barking and she was in the middle of it just looking at me.  It was like when I put on my wedding dress and knew it was the one, one look at her and I knew.  24 hours later our family has grown by 4 paws, meet Indie

                        Caleb and Indie have taken 4 naps together on this couch
                                                    Norah loves to feed her

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