Monday, June 1, 2015

Babies and Piano

She is Savvy's real life doll… and Norah loves it

                        We had a spontaneous crawfish boil with the Butlers
 For April's birthday we all went to the in-laws for lunch and Norah partied so hard :)
 They had their spring recital and both did great.  Savvy played the theme to Star Wars and Cohen did Little Flea :)
 Ok, I might be dragging my feet on letting her grow up.  For the last several months I've been putting her to sleep in her NEWBORN gown.  It's still comfy, just a little short and oh my she looks just adorable.  Then I threw in a paci for this picture.  Norah never would take one and I tried and tried.  I've kept this one (uncle blake and aunt elizabeth gave it to her) in her crib just because and now every-once in a while she will chew it.  She's my last baby and I might be having issues ;)

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